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Policyholder Questions

LCI Workers’ Comp is committed to the success of our policyholders, and we offer significant savings for small businesses whenever possible. But the true value of LCI is our willingness to provide incomparable service—to agents and policyholders alike. Now, the top 10 most popular questions posed by policyholders:


How do I make a payment?

You may mail your payment using the invoice you received from LCI, drop off your payment at our Northshore office, or complete an online payment. If you plan to make your payment in person, please call first to ensure that the office is open. Our number is (985) 612-1230.


What is a premium audit, and when do they occur?

A premium audit is a review of a business’ operations and records to accurately determine a company’s classification and the correct workers’ compensation premium. Our auditing department performs these audits each time a policy either expires or is cancelled.


How should I prepare for a premium audit?

To properly prepare for a premium audit, you will need: State Quarterly Unemployment Forms, Federal Quarterly 941 Forms, Federal 1099 Forms and your company’s check register. The following are also acceptable: computer generated payroll journal, computer generated payroll register, general ledger, W2s (a copy of the W3 transmittal form is required), bank statement and check copies.


What if I don’t agree with my audit?

You may dispute the results of the audit in writing, and you must provide documentation that supports your reason for contesting the audit. Any dispute over the audit that is not accompanied by supporting documentation will be rejected.


What makes my premium go up or down each year?

Premiums are calculated based on the amount of payroll a company pays out to its employees and/or subcontractors. Because these numbers change each year, our auditors work hard to determine the accurate premium due. It should be noted that there is a minimum premium of $1,500 due, regardless of payroll. This minimum is subject to change.


But what if I had no payroll during the policy period?

You are responsible for paying the minimum premium of any policy that is in effect, even if no payroll was paid during that period. All LCI policies are subject to a minimum premium and payroll (minimum premium: $1,500, minimum payroll: $22,000).


If I can’t pay my audit in one lump sum, can I pay in installments?

Yes, contact Mallory Weaver or Rachel Lama at (985) 612-1230, and they can work with you to come up with a payment plan to suit your budget. Not many workers’ comp insurers will go this far to help keep their clients current and their employees protected. LCI will.


What do I do if I receive a “Notice of Cancellation Letter”?

Since most cancellations are triggered by non-payment, simply bringing your account current may solve most issues. To find the root of your cancellation, notify your agent or call (985) 612-1230 and our staff will work to quickly resolve the problem with as little inconvenience as possible.


Do I really need workers’ comp insurance?

Yes. If you’re a Louisiana employer or hire subcontractors, you are required by Louisiana state law to carry workers’ comp insurance on each employee as well as any subcontractor who does not have their own workers’ comp policy.


Do you offer policies for most kinds of business?

Yes. Though the LCI Fund was founded in 1989 with a singular focus on construction and related industries, today we offer workers’ comp programs to a diverse range (businesses we write) of small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Louisiana. Our workers’ compensation programs are available exclusively through our independent partner agencies. Call (985) 612-1230 to learn more.